King Comforter Sets

How To Choose King Comforter Sets

When you feel the chill in the air and notice the warm days are slowly disappearing, you know it is time to think about getting one of those king comforter sets that you have been promising yourself. While you are at it, you might as well invest into a king comforter filled with real goose down. With your new king comforter you won’t have to worry about waking up with freezing toes. You’ll only be lying in complete comfort under your king comforter filled with goose down not worrying about a thing. But you also know with your king comforter that you took your time to buy the right one as it’s elegance has created a fashion statement that you alone are satisfied with.

As you already know, king comforters are offered in a great variety of colors starting with the standard white, moving to cream colors in just about every shade to the very boldest of colors imaginable today. Choices can range from Egyptian cotton, wool, percale, elegance of satin and even the exoticness of silk.There are such a variety of textures and patterns that is makes deciding on one almost impossible. Just like a kid in an ice cream store. However, if you are stuck on one or the other, why not choose both?.


There are two types of king comforters that you might find. The California king bed measures 72 inches wide by 84 inches long. The regular king comforter is smaller and it’s dimensions are 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. While the regular king comforter is more common with more of a variety than the California King, you’ll need to make sure which king comforter is best for you.

About Down Feathers

If you are going to choose a down comforter you may want to consider either duck or goose down. What is the difference you say? Duck down cost much less than goose down however they are much lighter. On the otherhand the goose down, specifically the Siberian Goose down is known to be the fullest, heaviest and fluffiest of all king down comforters.

Fitted and Unfitted

There are two styles that you should note, they are the fitted and unfitted. Fitted comforters are a tailored style that will fit snuggly and will have a contoured seams at the bottom corners. The unfitted comforters are designed just like blankets and can be draped over the bed and bottom corners.

Important Tips on choosing your comforter:

There are some things you should know about buying down comforters. First is the fill power rating of the down. This rating is on warmth and fluffiness.

But wait! Down isn’t your only choice. Of course there are synthetic choices to such as polyester fiber which can provide a warm cozy comforter at a more affordable price. And then there is also the silk filled comforters. Certainly not cheap but every so luxurious.

If you want to save money but not sacrifice on warm and quality, there are many king comforters that have synthetic fillers such as polyester fiber that provide warmth just as good as any down comforter. You can also go to the extreme and buy silk filled comforters although you will pay a premium for them.

Secondly is the thread count. This rating means that the more thread in the material the softer and silkier the fabric.

Thirdly, the care of your king down comforter. It is recommended that you have a professional clean your down comforter. If you insist on doing it yourself, you will need to use a commercial washer and dryer. They are large enough to handle your king size comforter. When you dry your comforter, make sure to throw a clean shoe inside as it will help to fluff up your comforter as it dries.

In conclusion, when deciding on your king comforter sets, although fillers are a personal choice, it really doesn’t matter the type of filler you get as most comforters are designed to keep you warm. The othe important thind is that you find a king comforter set that has a fabric that you like, a pattern or design that you can enjoy